Two Presentations Available on YouTube:

1) Manchu Movable Type

2) Sea Creatures



I recently gave two presentations for the Taiwan Society for Inner Eurasian Studies 臺灣內陸歐亞學會. They can be viewed on the society's YouTube channel.

The first presentation is titled "The Parisian Manchu movable type and its background" 巴黎的滿文活字字體及其背景. It is based on chapter 8 of The Early Modern Travels of Manchu: A Script and Its Study in East Asia and Europe, but I forgot to mention that in the presentation.

The second presentation is titled "Marine animals in Kangxi's Imperially Commissioned Mirror of the Manchu Language and European sea monsters" 康熙《御製清文鑑》中的海洋動物與歐洲海怪. This presentation is based on research for a book that I'm writing together with He Bian.